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E-design.....what is that all about? 

The internet is a wonderful tool.  Now with access to beautiful & inspirational images from Houzz, Traditional Home, Home & Garden sites, blogs & other design web sites, inspiration is everywhere. 


But the big question is, How do I create my own beautiful spaces using these resources? AND now there is E-design!  Questions you should ask yourself...


1.  How do I use these inspirational photos? 

2.  Will it work in my space?

3.  Can I afford what I see online?

4.  Where do I find the products I see online? 

5.  How do I measure my space?

6.  What happens if I make a mistake?

7.  Do I need a professional designer & if so, how do I work with one? 

8.  Is e-design for me?

9.  How do I use e-design? Which one? What do I have to do & what do I get?


Contact Diane or join her in her workshop & get the up-to-date answers to your questions, "What is e-design, how to use it & is it for me?"


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