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  • Interested in doing your own design projects but afraid to make costly mistakes

  • Intersted in having access to a designer without the big ticket cost when you need them

  • Don't want a designer hovering over your every move

  • Understanding how to development your unique design style

  • Interested in working with e-design sites

  • Love design & want more information

  • Or just don't know how to start?  


Diane is here to share great ideas, tips, techniques, & a great eye for the details.  She will share this knowledge one-on-one & in her upcoming series of design classes.  The workshops will be filled with ideas on how to develop a great team for your projects as well as a peek at the latest trends, fabrics & colors.  We will have fun well enhancing everyone's design senses.  


Upcoming series "Let's talk...."




Interested in design as a career, click on ....





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